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Toyota Auris Launch 2017-10-17T07:23:39+00:00

Toyota Auris Launch

The headline feature at the new Toyota Auris Bluewater concept store is the Musion high definition projection system which showcases a spectacular giant free form 3D Auris movie. Dimensional Studios were commissioned by agency Brandwidth.

This content has been created especially for the Bluewater store and is shown in its own large screen theatre.

We worked closely with screen production specialists Square Zero to create a moving embodiment of the line “created around you”.

The Musion system uses unique HD video projection, producing three dimensional moving images within a stage setting – allowing for holographic projection of images using mirrors, combined with a light show and accompanying music, commissioned specifically for the piece.

The film, a mixture of live action and CGI, features an organic shape formed by liquid mercury growing around various elements of the new car.

This neatly transforms into a mercury wireframe tracing a line around a seated driver.

Panels assemble to form a full size Auris in front of the audience.

From here we take a journey through the interior and end on a specific feature of the optitron dials.

The whole sequence has also been reworked for the other seven concept stores where it is displayed on Philips 3D WOWvx plasma screens.

They work in a similar way to IMAX – giving multiple viewers an out-of-screen 3D experience, but without the glasses.