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Peppers Ghost Illusion

Peppers Ghost was invented by Professor John Henry Pepper and English engineer Henry Dircks. The Eyeliner 3D Projection System was conceived by Mr Uwe Maass who designed the system after researching an old theater illusion called Peppers Ghost.

Introduced into theaters in the 1860’s. Pepper’s Ghost startled theater goers with an effect that allowed live people or objects to slowly materialize into a scene. This illustration shows one early variation from the perspective of the stage.

In this case the “ghost” is an actor located forward of and below the stage floor. The glass pane illustrates the reflection of the off stage “ghost” while the leftmost “ghost” simulates what the audiences actually see. Later versions of the invention included a lens to improve on the image but this was as far as Professor Pepper and Engineer Dircks managed to take the illusion, the main stumbling block being the inherent weight of glass and the fact that when a really large piece was set at a 45 degree angle it would brake under its own weight.

Peppers Ghost images have also been achieved in the past using screens made from gauze, Perspex and semi-mirrored glass. Generally, image sizes above 6 Sq M (say 3×2) have been achieved only by welding sheets of glass/Perspex together, resulting in join lines spoiling the clarity or reality of the image.

Musion Eyeliner System is a whole new way of projecting video to create the illusion of life-size, full colour, 3D moving images. All of the images used on a Musion Eyeliner System are 3-dimensional images, but projected as two-dimensional images (2D/3D) into a 3D stage set. The mind of the audience creates the 3D illusion. This means that production costs are minimal, needing only single camera lens for filming and single projector for the playback – hence the phrase,

Eyeliner is protected by Patents in the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea + key countries worldwide. Further patents are also pending worldwide. Broadly, the US and EP Patents granted in 1999 describe an inventive and novel method for constructing a stage allowing the projection of moving virtual images that are ‘floating’ upon that stage.

In particular, the invention relates to the use of a transparent foil stretched across the path of the projector as a screen, the foil having similar reflective properties to semi-mirrored glass. The Musion Eyeliner Foil also has many advantages over glass.

advantages of musion eyeliner