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Advantages of Musion Eyeliner 3D Hologram Screen 2017-10-01T09:34:28+00:00

Advantages of Musion Eyeliner 3D Hologram Screen

1 – Scale
A typical piece of Musion Eyeliner Hologram Screen is a maximum of 4.1m high in a continuous roll up to several hundred meters in length. A thinner, 8m high screen can also be used for larger installations. In instances where even taller images are required sections of the 4m foil can be installed in a “portrait format” where each section is a maximum of 14m high by 4m wide, giving images approximately 11m high. Individual sections of screen are then overlapped and cut to fit leaving 1mm seams, which are barely visible from viewing distances over 7m.

2 – Clarity of image
Eyeliner Hologram Screen is less than 100 microns thick yet retains its durable characteristics once installed. Because the screen is so thin there is no drop shadow created when objects are projected onto it, as there would be if a system were using glass or perspex. The screen allows greater amounts of projected light through for brighter images – even in brightly lit shopping centres. In simple terms this means that the Eyeliner medium creates crisper, sharper and consequently more realistic representations of the object or person being projected than any other medium.

3 – Net can be cut
Unlike glass, Eyeliner Hologram Screen can be cut even when it has been fully installed. This means that doorways and holes for props to protrude through the net can be easily rigged up. This opens up lots of creative avenues for stage designers and choreographers to explore when using Eyeliner in conjunction with their other show plans.

4 – Transportation
Quite apart from the obvious health and safety issues concerned there are more practical issues to think of such gaining access to some venues through small doorways and rigging/lifting issues once on site. There are no such limitations with Eyeliner Hologram Screen which is transported in 5m x 30cm lightweight pipes that can be easily carried by a couple of crew.

5 – Safety
Imagine the horrendous practical issues that would have to be considered if you were transporting large sheets of glass from venue to venue. Eyeliner Hologram Screen cannot shatter and poses no danger to crew installing it or working along side it. Furthermore Eyeliner Hologram Screen can be installed into moving scenery without fear of it breaking as it is moved. This means that it is a very straight forward process to fly the system in and out of stages as required. Eyeliner Foil is certified fireproof to grade B1.

6 – Rigging time
Eyeliner Hologram Screen is typically rigged in a couple of hours. The rigging process is straight-forward and Eyeliner installers can work alongside other technical crew. Once installed the process of tensioning the screen literally takes a few minutes of adjustment.

Practical Considerations When Using Eyeliner Holographic Projection System – Environmental

1 – Wind
Dimensional Studios has undertaken numerous outdoor jobs already but there is always the chance that wind will blow onto the screen and affect the projected image. (If the wind is anything more than light, the net may bow like a sail causing the projected image may appear to ‘bounce’ up and down on stage). The only way to alleviate this problem is to build a wind-break around the installation. This has been done in two venues that were actually on the coast (one on the Arabian Sea and one on the Mediterranean). Both events were not affected by the wind.

2 – Strong daylight
This issue is pertinent in any situations where projectors are being used as a source of video. Despite manufacturers having made great strides in the last couple of years with the brightness of their projectors (at the time of writing Barco are about to launch a 27,000 lumen projector) there will never be anything available that will be able to compete with natural daylight. In circumstances of strong natural daylight the options are either to create a controlled light environment or use the Eyeliner system with widescreen High Definition 3mm/6mm LED walls.

3 – Space
It is important to remember that you need an area in front of the stage where the white reflective screen is positioned in the projection pit. (Imagine a moat without water, if you will). You should allow a space of at least the height of the foil divided by a figure of 1.4142 (this is the perceived vertical height of the screen when set at a 45°). The width of the projection pit area should match the width of the proposed foil. As an example, a 4m high foil that is 10m wide would require a 2.82m by 10m space for the projection pit.

4 – Stage Depth
In addition to leaving space for the projection pit, one needs to leave an area behind the foil in order to add depth to the illusion. A minimum of 1m should be allowed. In practice this means that the footprint of an Musion Eyeliner System installation will be at least 5-9m deep.

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